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What is Green Energy and how can I get it?

Green energy comes from a renewable source and is cleaner and more sustainable than from non-renewable origins such as fossil fuels and gases. Using it is better for the environment and the more people choose green tariffs the more renewable energy will be produced. In the UK nearly half of the energy used is renewable from low carbon sources and is increasing every year, making it a realistic alternative to traditional, fossil fuel energy. 

The Energy Saving Trust  is an independent organisation working to address the climate emergency and advises that due to the increase in prices and the closure of some energy suppliers recently it may be best to stay with your current provider. However, comparison of energy prices and suppliers are easily available at If you do switch supplier why not choose a green tariff which means that some or all of the electricity you buy is ‘matched’ by purchases of renewable energy that your energy supplier makes on your behalf. These could come from a variety of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar farms, and hydroelectric power stations. Some green supply tariffs are also nuclear-free.

Generating your own Green Energy

Why not consider if you can generate your own green energy? Depending on the resources available to you in your home, it could be possible to generate your own domestic electricity with solar panels or heat your home using an air source heat pump.
Good summaries of options of green energy are explained by REA – Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology.
If you’re interested in your carbon footprint calculate yours here – this can help you to live more sustainably.

Energy Cost Calculator

Ever wondered how much it costs to run various household appliances. Here’s a useful calculator (unfortunately it doesn’t mention oil boilers, which most of us have but is useful regarding other appliances):